La rularea query-ului :

SELECT DISTINCT `listing_id`, `agent_id`, `listing_name`, `listing_desc_caption`, `listing_adr`, `listing_city`, `listing_state`, `listing_zipcode`, `listing_comunity_name`, `home_description`, `bedrooms`, `bathrooms`, `stories`, `sq_feet`, `kitchen`, `garage`, `dining`, `year`,home_listing_price,living,
( SELECT `domain_name`
FROM `home_domains`
WHERE `home_id` =listing_id
AND `domain_status` =2
AND `domain_expire` > now( )
AND `payed` =1
ORDER BY domain_expire DESC
LIMIT 1 ) as domeniu,

(SELECT GROUP_CONCAT( concat(`main`,',',`favorite`, ',',`pic_id`, ',',`pic_file`,',',`pic_title`)
FROM `home_photos` P
WHERE home_id =listing_id
AND (`favorite` =1 or main=1)
GROUP BY P.home_id) as poze
FROM `home_homes` H LEFT JOIN `homes_aditionale` A ON (H.listing_id=A.`add_home_id`) WHERE listing_id in (573592, 585821, 590191, 593487, 482080) order by A.`ord`

a aparut eroarea:

Got error 28 from storage engine